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Classic doors

They are normally simple and are known as "normal" doors. Traditional products are made of solid wood, but this is an optional condition, especially with the current spread of high-quality artificial coatings, perfectly imitating the appearance and texture of the tree. Of the varieties of popular wood pine, due to the low cost and presentable. The most popular veneered models-their price is more democratic, without deterioration in appearance.

There are several features that clearly indicate the belonging of the door to the classical style. It:

  • Clean lines, strict forms, commensurate proportions; paneled or smooth design; dull or glazed body.
  • Lack of excessive decoration. At the same time, we can not say that there is no decor at all. It is, but in small quantities. Jewelry is represented by panels of different shapes or elegant stained glass Windows.
  • The doors are painted in calm muted colors, with widespread both white and dark models "under natural wood".
  • The design is dominated by simple refined lines with complex processing, for example, straight or smoothly curved contours with complex facets.
  • In finishing used fusing, stained-glass Windows, glass with zonal frosting.
  • Colors of accessories-patina, bronze, gilt, silver, brass. - Carved patterns serve as decoration. Often these corner ornaments are also carvings cover the surface of various parts, the plane of the panels.

Classic door for interior

Classic doors is appropriate not only in the interiors of classic and neoclassic. They fit well into the room, decorated according to the rules of Empire, art Nouveau, as well as some modern styles. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  • light models look great combined with white walls — and it's styles Empire or Biedermeier;
  • dark classic doors living rooms in neo-Renaissance style;
  • the style of art Deco will fit doors with glass; colors limited to colors ranging from moderate brown to black.

The classic interior is relevant in any era, it does not have the power of fashion trends, it is respectable and at the same time simple enough; every detail is in place and in harmony with the overall design of the room.

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