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Doors in the style of Provence Dubai

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Provence amazing luxury interior decoration, ornate furniture and unusual decoration of the walls. Its main features are:

  • simplicity;
  • natural;
  • naturalness;
  • the deliberate roughness of stone or wood;
  • the underlined minimalism;
  • the abundance of wrought-iron, wood, wicker items;
  • distressed surface;
  • the painted door.

The style originated and developed in the countryside, in harmony with the environment, so is best suited for country houses.

Doors in the style of Provence

Provence avoids unnatural, poisonous flowers, preferring subtle pastel shades. Bright natural colors here lighter a few shades, as if diluted with white. Doors, by the way, often painted in white, and any shades of beige, olive, terracotta, blue, ivory, natural colors that do not hurt the eyes, instill peace and tranquility.

Sometimes the paintings are deliberately not painted, creating a simulation of the rough, carelessly knocked together construction, where finishing only the "dark time" hinges and handles. These things look great with vintage furniture.

Modern doors of Provence, retaining the basic idea of the style, colors, decor, are no longer exact replica of the rustic products. Their appearance is changed and adjusted, adapting to the tastes of the inhabitant of the XXI century. Could not avoid and the influence of urbanism. Most often doors Provence in the urban interior only reminiscent of a true French direction, rather than exactly reproduce it.

Door Provence

For modern interior doors in the style of Provence is characterized by:

  • the lightness and elegance of design;
  • pastel colors;
  • borrowing decorative elements from other styles, such as glass inserts on the Dutch type of Windows, sash models with rack pads, models with two cloths of different width, etc.

The decor initially there was no stained glass, the image is applied to glass by hand. Today for obtaining a pattern on a glass slide using modern methods such as etching.

Provence style is constantly improved and enriched by finds of designers, taking into account its fundamental traits and modern canons of elegance and taste. Door leaf Provence acquire because they are based on ancient traditions of hand-finished using beeswax, shellac, glaze and, of course, the best of today's technology.

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