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Doors in Modern style Dubai

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The characteristic features of "modern" doors:

  • an elegant glass surface, which replaced the dull massive paintings of the classical;
  • the natural materials with clearly visible texture;
  • the predominance of natural motifs and a nautical theme: wavy lines, floral ornaments, stylized tree heads, etc.;
  • the combination of different materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, fusing, molding, rhinestones;
  • panels with custom bending; in the accessories — a departure from straight lines: hinges and handles intricate shapes, in keeping with the main style design.

Doors in Modern style

In modernity no unnatural color combinations, the surface of chrome and steel, pure white color. Doors are made in very calm tones, with a predominance of tones over pure colors.

Favorites of the style are considered to be wood shades and autumn hues: ochre, gold, umber. Door leaf is often given to light green, lilac, pearl grey color. However, we can say that the intense shades in exile: there are red, black or bright green door.

In the decoration of glass also plays with the combination of different colors (stained) and used a smooth low-key paintings with minimal color. For example, a thin light green stem with a beautiful bend or separate red flowers on white frosted glass.

Modern doors for interior

The two most famous varieties of modernism formed under the influence of various factors. The emergence of art Deco was held under the influence of the modernism in the emergence of art Nouveau played a huge role in the element of water.

Art Deco combines clear forms with soft curves and thin delicate lines. In the door trim prevails valuable veneer, black or white frosted patterned glass. Door leaf art Deco to create a harmonious ensemble with bright wooden furniture, carpets or panels with geometric patterns, figures and fantasy characters and birds, leather, marble, or glass details.

The art Nouveau is not even a hint of crisp lines and geometry. The style is based on natural motifs with a focus on water in all forms: the sea, the mist, aquarium, swamp, etc., so the products evoke feelings of fragility and fluidity. Leaf rounded harmonious look in the interior with no sharp edges and angles, where there are glossy flooring, furniture and decorations, rounded or streamlined forms with various floral patterns, paintings of water landscapes and aquariums with exotic flora and fauna.

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