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Door in the Empire style Dubai

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As well as in baroque, antique and ancient Roman cultures have formed a basis for formation of an empire style. Napoleonic campaigns have to the east enriched style with elements of Ancient Egyptian reliefs. By the time of final formation the empire style represented motley mix of decorative elements where strict geometrical patterns and laurel wreaths – heritage of Ancient Greece – adjoined to Renaissance frescos, and reminded hieroglyphs, types of pyramids, sphinxes and griffins, portals on columns in the form of lion's paws of the Egyptian campaign of the Emperor or antique germ.

In color registration the empire style completely denies the muffled restraint of classics. Bright expressional colors dominate: gold, emerald, white, purple, dark blue.

Door in the Empire style

Set of columns, pilyastr, modelled eaves on doors emphasize grandeur of an interior. At the same time about a chaotic heap of elements the speech doesn't go it is possible to speak more likely about orderliness which is created:

  • free surfaces with a zone ornament;
  • harmony of a design;
  • accurate lines of finishing.

Execution usually in white color with finishing by gold patina and accessories, decorative details with a covering under precious metal. Such design best of all emphasizes luxury of the room. Dark doors meet less often, but very expressively look in a combination with light walls.

Facing is sated with the stylized images of torches, weapon, monograms, various emblems. Of Napoleonic greatness long time was reminded by a letter N in a frame of laurel leaves.

Empire style doors

Traditionally magnificent doors made of mahogany. The design from thick boards differed in massiveness and ponderousness that symbolized belonging to the aristocracy. In Russia the Karelian birch easy and strong was used; elegant products from her adequately supplemented a situation of noble estates.

Modern doors an empire style are lighter and it is easier, with smaller quantity of monograms. With development of technologies also materials from which doors are made have changed. Along with an ash-tree, an oak and a beech glued solid pine, MDF and PVC are widely used.

Finishing inserts from opaque glass with a diamond engraving enrich, ornaments in bronze or gold tones, stylish accessories, gilded eaves and columns. The combination of magnificent finishing and a refined tree creates from a usual partition between rooms the true work of art.

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