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Door in Baroque style Dubai

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A variation of the classic is the Baroque, which in the XVII century was the dominant architectural trend. There is no place of rigor and restraint, and the triumph of the ancient freedom, space, scale, unity and an abundance of jewelry. The symmetry of classical forms coexists with the complexity of curvilinear designs and absolutely no limits in luxury, on the contrary, welcome the richness, complexity, decoration, contrasts, ornate moldings and a lot of gold.

Door Baroque, as an important part of interior decor, embodies the most striking features of the style.

Door in Baroque style

Doors in the Baroque style are the products of the categories "elite" piece goods, manufactured to order. The style provides plenty of decorative elements on the canvas, which leads to increased cost.

Only natural raw material is wood, typically pine wood, but expensive options are used solid noble varieties: beech, oak.

Like other classical models, Baroque doors are frame-and-paneled construction with MDF or honeycomb. An alternative to panels are panels of glass — rare-frosted or plain transparent.

Baroque door for interior

The decoration used natural veneer of fine wood with a distinct texture. To give smoothness doors painted with enamel. Popular white and blue, soft pastel shades.

A mandatory element of decoration is ornamental mouldings, ornamental architraves, capitals, cornices, rosettes and other items. In combination with cloth made of expensive wood, they create an easily recognizable pretentious Baroque style.

About the continuity of the Baroque from the majestic antiquity resemble columns with lion heads, weapons, jellyfish, etc.

For a finish characterized by an abundance of the precious coatings. Moldings, for example, are often treated with artificially aged gold; through skillfully created cracks (cracks) reveals a shiny bottom layer.

On a separate part of the paintings applied with gold, silver or bronze patina, giving the product an antique look.

The edges of the flaps and panels decorated with gilded moldings with intricate images, carvings or moldings. Glass inserts decorated with symmetrical patterns, vignettes, floral ornaments, stained-glass Windows.

Doors in the Baroque style massive enough, so small spaces are not suitable. They are usually decorated with spacious living rooms, offices and bedrooms of respectable country houses. Luxury design can be seen in the Executive rooms, festive halls, mnogozvezdochnogo hotels and restaurants.

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