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What color of door is best to choose in Dubai

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If the premises share the door, put the flooring in various shades, the solution will be interior design neutral colors, which includes moldings and trim.

The combination with the walls - in Dubai

In this case, the paradigm of relativity allows for the closest shade doors and walls, down to a single color. You can use related shades, a couple of shades darker than the color of the walls is advantageous to allocate doors. It is desirable that the Alliance "wall-door" was a contrast to the floor.

Contrast design — light walls and dark door or Vice versa. An example of a bright, refreshing interior combination — wall condos or intense blue + system doors-architraves-skirting painted white.

Door the color of the furniture - wooden doors

As in adjacent rooms, often there is furniture of different colors, it is important that interior partitions in harmony with both options. When furniture is one shade, the choice is much easier — the door just gets in the tone of the situation.

A universal solution would be to install veneer doors, each side of which is colored according to the color of the furniture in a particular room. These products are only on request and their cost is above the cost of conventional doors. But the effect is fully justified.

The combination of style interior doors

Competently to pick up the tone of the door leaf, in harmony with the interior, a few rules will help:

  • For popular destinations (art Deco, hi-tech, minimalism, kitsch, eclectic, loft) suitable door in the dark and silver colours.
  • Country, eclectic, modern welcome is warm and bright "antique" colors: "Ash", "Oak", "Alder".
  • Doors neutral colors (cherry, light walnut, alder, oak) and versatile in any setting look good. But most of them gravitate classical, country, Japanese style. For the classic style would suit the "rich" colors (light walnut, oak) with decorative or stained glass. And for hi-tech-room preferred door without steklosetok and intricate patterns.
  • Interesting door gray. Possible shades ─ hoary, silvery, gray-green, Nordic, gloss grey, flax grey, graphite, white primer and silver patina. Light grey adds a cool note to the urban, minimalist, high-tech, constructivist design. In the style of the avant-garde, art Deco and vintage, in combination with bright furniture, light grey looks warm and cozy.

Knowledge of the rules of colour matching interior doors with the surrounding space will help you choose a product that will become original decoration of the room, but if you want ─ "flavor" of design.

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