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Interior doors with glass: advantages and disadvantages in Dubai

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This model will be a good alternative for deaf doors not only add a room of comfort and light, but also decorate it. You can pick up the original insert in the form of drawing, fusing or stained glass is to use frosted or clear glass.

Panels of bright glass visually expand the space, so recommended for small apartments.

Shortcomings — the complexity of care and fragility - wooden doors

The Glass — the most vulnerable place in the structure due to brittleness, therefore for installation in children's rooms, these doors are not suitable. This applies particularly to the budget options with thin glass. Thrown ball or too strong slam of the door will result in broken glass shards that can injure a child. But blind door for child — not the best solution, as it does not transmit enough light. But panels of laminated glass or tempered glass are durable and do not scatter into many pieces. Damaging them is difficult even for an adult, and the child and does not do.

Glass inserts require careful maintenance, especially of glass of large dimensions. On the surface clearly visible fingerprints and any dirt that spoils the aesthetic impression of the door. From fingerprints will help to get rid of frosted glass, but it greatly limits the choice of available models.

Turn the minuses into pluses - interior doors

If, in your eyes, the advantages of doors with glass inserts outweigh the disadvantages, we will explain how to turn disadvantages into advantages.

Better to buy a door with patterned or frosted glass. It's a versatile option that will perfectly fit the interior of a room and enhance its luminosity.

Classic glass insert can be replaced with a mirror or other material with reflective properties.

laminated glass is preferable to a Dark normal. It is more durable and therefore last longer.

Prices of doors with glass in Dubai

The cost of the doors with glass effect:

  • design style — sliding, folding, swing, telescopic, foldable, semi-circular;
  • doors: framed or frameless;
  • the profile material (wood, PVC, MDF, aluminium);
  • the type of glass (laminated, optifit, float; mirrored, frosted, colored, textured glass; acrylic glass (Plexiglas), Lacobel, mirrored acrylic, glass, glass one-way visibility);
  • decorating technique (stained glass, matting, vinyl stickers, sandblasting, polished edges, inserts, etc.);
  • accessories — depends on the type of construction. For sliding, telescopic and folding doors require guide tracks, which are mounted in floor and ceiling. Swinging and pendulum designs are fixed with hinges, fittings, door closers;
  • additional services (installation of doors, expansion of the doorway, foaming gaps, when ordering individual — the development of the project).

Taking into account all the nuances most often the cost of interior doors with glass is calculated individually.

We also recommend to get acquainted with the range and prices of interior doors in Dubai on our website - Spitamengt:

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