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Dipped the door — what to do in Dubai

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Sagging wooden door — a nuisance, familiar, unfortunately, many. However, this defect is easily eliminated, if you know the root cause.

Restoring the sagging door yourself in Dubai

If you have served some time the door creaking is observed or difficulty closing, it is indisputable evidence of her sagging. The most common causes of this defect are:

  • deformation of the box;
  • loosening of the hinges;
  • a mismatch to the large weight of the door fastener.

Fix the situation is simple, even with your hands.

  1. Check out door hinges — perhaps they are weakened. To eliminate the problem in one of three ways:
    • Tighten the screws tight. If no effect go to method 2.
    • Remove the loop and test socket screws. Perhaps the nest became too large and the screws “sink” in them. Beat in the old holes small wedges, smeared with glue. Then screw the new screws slightly longer than the first. If the way to eliminate sagging failed
    • Set the loop on new places. The worn hinges it is better to replace for a new one.
  2. Inspect the door frame. The deformed structure must be replaced. But first it's worth to try to solve the issue of tightening/replacement of loops. If all manipulations with loops are useless, have to resort to drastic measures — the removal of the door leaf, dismantle the box and its complete replacement.
  3. Drawdown immediately after the installation of the door clearly indicates that it is too heavy for the fixture. The solution to the problem will be the extra loops.

The sagging metal door enough to set the hinges to the canvas took intended for him.

Sometimes the door is closed is bad (touches the floor or lightly rests on the door frame) due to seasonal humidity. This means that technical gaps exposed seasonally deformation, no door frame or a complete reinstallation of the door.

These simple methods will help anyone troubleshoot their own sagging doors. Most importantly — it is not necessary to delay the solution to the problem, because procrastination will not lead to anything good. The door will open all the worse, and the sharp jerks and jolts will cause the door begins to scratch the flooring. Therefore, if you are not planning to in the near future to spend time and money on replacing the floor, hurry take the above measures.

Sagging doors — is not always the reason for its replacement. And yet, if you have any doubt regarding the cause of the sagging, it is best to call the master.

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