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Replacement glass with their hands in Dubai

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When to call the master in Dubai

It is better to resort to professional assistance in the following situations:

If you — an absolute Amateur in all that concerns the repair of interior doors. Lover is not easy to understand the features of the door structure and the scheme of fastening of glass. In the end, will have to pay twice — for the glazing and for the eradication of damage caused to doors inept actions. Unwillingness or inability to call an expert to replace the glass, easier to install a new door, brand as repair of damaged doors are often more expensive than buying new.

  • If the door — expensive designer product with glass baguettes, stained glass, mirrors and frilly. Holding repair elite doors, it is easy to ruin it completely.
  • the
  • If fitted laminated safety glass. It is attached only at the factory and independently of its not replaced.

The doors-economy you can replace the glass yourself. Their design is simpler, therefore, the probability of damage less hopeless, and if it happens, the replacement door will cost.

Methods of self-replacement of glass in interior doors

Option 1

Glass is installed on top. This configuration is often found in veneer doors of the Russian production. You only need to measure the opening of the glass, buy the glass to size and insert it. Fluff with a silicone gel, the excess of which is removed after drying with a tissue or soft cloth. Most importantly — not to forget to measure the depth of the cell, where there was glass. Usually it does not exceed 1-2 cm, But if you buy the glass without these inches, you'll have to go to the store again.

Option 2

The Glass bead is secured with decorative nails. The algorithm of actions will be the same as in option 1. A slight difference is that after cleaning the damaged glass beadings need to be removed, and installing new glass — to return to the place and fix the same carnations that stood there previously.

Option 3

Collapsible door. This design will have to be dismantled. This is done by unscrewing the upper and lower bolts under the studs from the sides of the door leaf. The main difficulty is to properly perform reassembly; otherwise, it is not excluded distortions!

Option 4

The shape of the glass deviates from the strict geometric. You need to carefully measure the dimensions, not to be mistaken with the size. Allowable measurement error of not more than 3-5 mm if the measurement is made using a circle of cardboard and 7 mm if the measurements used circle paper.

Options, of course, more. They are the same as manufacturers of interior doors. Most importantly — to properly assess their capabilities to not have to regret about the bad things.

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