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How to get rid of squeaky doors in Dubai

How to get rid of squeaky doors in Dubai img

Creaking wooden door

Creaking usually comes from loops, but more often from the door at the point of friction on the box. Sometimes this is a seasonal phenomenon that occurs during the onset of wet weather and high humidity in the apartment. Door leaf absorb water vapor and swell. To cope with the situation will help decrease the humidity level in the house.

Constant squeaking, regardless of the weather and pavement moisture, requires decisive action. But first you need to determine the point of friction of the door on the box.

Precisely set for hearing place of origin of the squeak is not always possible. You can use carbon paper — to attach the sheet to the end face of a door, then close it. After opening the door on the box will be visible color stains.

In the absence of “carbon paper” will help chalk — it is applied in a thin layer on the end face of a door. Excellent job with finding contact wood surfaces of multi-colored crayons.

Carefully remove the thin layer of wood with one of the adjacent surfaces — from the box or from the end of the door. Clean the cut with a plane or a rasp, then — with sandpaper, then apply the paint.

Eliminate squeaks from the hinges of interior doors

With weak fasteners, hinges “hang out”. The flaw is easy to determine if to lift the door a couple of inches, loosening the door hinges. As the lever will fit a hatchet or a tire iron.


  • Fix the hinges to the new location. Method not the easiest.
  • Install the fasteners with a larger diameter.
  • Drive into the holes from attachments of wood to make new holes and screw the screws.

“Treat” hinges in Dubai

If the creaking occurs because of the mutual friction of the parts of the hinge, enough to lubricate. Suitable graphite, litol, grease, machinery and household lubricating oil, to a lesser extent — the fat or vegetable oil. Lubrication need a moderate amount, so it is not leaking out of the loops on the cloth and a box. Quite a few drops.

No less effective conventional graphite rod from a pencil, preferably soft. It is applied thus: the door is lifted, and the slices of graphite is poured into the formed hinge gaps. Pre-grind graphite optional — it's perfectly capable loop when you return the canvas to its original position. After making graphite door for a long time “stop”.

To lubricate all the hinges carefully and slowly, remove the door from its hinges, providing free access to the door hinges. Procedure: lift the canvas door open from the bottom, using the lever to disengage the parts of the hinges and remove the door. It's best to work together.

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