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Doors for office ‒ selection criteria interior doors in Dubai

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The main criteria taken into account when choosing an office door, are the material and opening method.

Office wooden doors in Dubai

Most door designs are made from glass, wood or metal. However, the office recommended to choose a door made of plastic or aluminum. These materials have the highest functionality and modern production technologies allow to create a door that will fit perfectly in office space.

In particular, plastic doors pleasing variety of colors, designs and textures. In use they are durable, resistant to moisture, ability to withstand heavy loads. In addition, easy in maintenance and care.

Door constructions made of aluminium are also quite practical and comfortable to use. Due to low thermal conductivity, they will be a great solution for outdoor installation.

Way open office interior doors

According to the type of opening door designs are divided into sliding and hinged.

Swing doors are popular due to ease of installation and moderate cost. The advantage of sliding structures — saving space in small rooms, stylish and presentable appearance. But they are more expensive, and this factor should be considered when buying, to avoid unexpected costs.

Style of the office doors are selected depending on the total interior design ideas. Most popular pop, classical, techno. As for the layout, for offices hallway-Desk type is suitable deaf interior doors, and open interior to divide the space into zones will help the doors-partitions — glass or plastic glazing.

In addition to the door leaf on the quality and operation of affected door accessories: locks, hinges, clamps, closers. Castle — is primarily a security office space. The locks are produced in various designs:

  • wall;
  • flush;
  • overhead;
  • removable.

High-quality doors and fittings create a positive atmosphere in the office — reduce noise and shock during operation, enhance safety in the workplace and ensure reliability during emergency situations. In the end, all this has a positive effect on the performance of employees.

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