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The direction of high-tech, which came out of the bowels of late modernism of the 1970s and widely spread in the 1980s, today is one of the most preferred ways of arrangement of living space. In this exceptional combination of minimalist, ergonomic and urban aesthetics. Like other elements of the interior, high-tech doors are artificially created harmony; recognizable features of the style are manifested in the choice of designs and materials, as well as in the color palette and texture of fibers.

General arrangement

For the manufacture of high-tech door products usually used frame-panel method. Doors in the spirit of high technologies differ in an equal smooth surface on which quite often there are no inserts. Inherent in the classic and modern panels or their imitation is almost not used in the decor. The modern interior perfectly fits sliding systems made in the style of high-tech. They are functional, occupy a minimum of space, well organized or delimited space.

Artificial material

I mentioned that the hi-tech style — it is an artificial beauty, all-natural and natural is not welcome here. Even natural wood in interior doors "mimics" under high-tech plastic with the help of special painting and polishing. The most popular glass. It is made from large-insert or solid blade. Glass fragments are often interspersed with plastic, aluminum or wooden jumpers. Plastic doors are often installed in public spaces (shops, offices). In the design of the glass is often present, possible combinations of plastic-aluminium. With regard to metal doors, there is a prejudice about their unethical — but it is not. Steel interior door looks very nice if you choose the right color and add elements of glazing. Abroad, such products are very popular. They are original and durable, retain their shape, resistant to temperature changes and fit perfectly into the interior.

Clear geometry

Strict laconic forms-one of the main characteristics of the high-tech door. Style completely alien to the smooth lines and intricate shapes; the ball is ruled by clear vertical and horizontal lines.

Juicy shades

You can't meet halftones in high-tech. For interior decoration use bright expressive colors: red, blue, green, etc., and their various combinations. In the heyday of style, the door often became a bright accent, stand out on the General monotonous background. Modern design is characterized by restraint, predominance in the design of black and white colors. Their combination often gives interesting decorative effects.

The use of the interior

The techno-interior does not have bulky furniture and decorations typical of traditional furnishings. High-tech doors set off an abundance of light, air and free space. They look good with wide Windows without curtains, monochrome floors, acrylic or glossy stretch ceilings. As facing of walls the brick laying or textured volume wall-paper acts.

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