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The popular color of interior doors in Dubai

The popular color of interior doors img

White doors in Dubai

Are quite versatile, able to visually expand the space, making the interior lighter and airy.

Light colors of wooden doors

Such as bleached oak and light walnut suitable for small spaces where there is not enough light. They look harmoniously with bright wooden furniture in various shades.

Dark interior doors

Interior doors dark shades (gray, white, dark oak, amaranth and others) are perfectly in tune with light walls, and combined with different color schemes in the interior. The color of the floor covering also does not require much shade, but it is believed that in this case it should be lighter compared to the door.

Brown doors

Coffee with milk, dark chocolate, cocoa and other have many shades from cool to warm tones and are usually combined with different elements. Brown is considered a classic, so these doors into the interior of any type and give the room a cozy atmosphere.

Unconventional shades of interior doors, such as cobalt, deep green, red, plum and purple are found in the interiors less often, but can become a real decoration of any room. Doors of these shades add brightness and originality and are easily combined with different elements of upholstery, curtains and decor items.

What color door You choose, you must always remember that they should match the interior, not Vice versa. So, first of all, you need to determine what color will the floor, walls and furniture, and then choose the color of interior doors.

Another feature is that the doors delineate the two spaces and must fit in both the interior.

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