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American style doors in Dubai

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What interior fit interior doors in American style

Elements are used as classical decor, styles, country and Provence. Country style retains echoes of bygone days of the Wild West, with its roughness and a feeling of slowness of life. In the interior rural design, extremely simple and functional furnished. Also suitable for those looking for a classic model with custom glazing.

Especially door American style:

The brutal combination of materials that give a feeling of strength and reliability with elegance chrome-plated surfaces, luster glass and glossy plastic;

  • simple and clear form;
  • not focus on colour or pattern, and in the form and texture of parts;
  • content — for the country style and retro appropriate one-piece construction from solid wood; classic and urban interior — glazed and paneled doors;
  • the abundance of glass makes the door more visually; the glass may occupy the entire area of the canvas and its upper part;
  • large size that can be beat in different ways. For example, set off by door separate element of the interior, or to focus on the most doors;
  • color is always bright, often white; the color is not matched to the furniture or the floor; the door, as a self-sufficient element of the interior, maybe even with nothing matching. A two-story house doors often combine color with the ladder;
  • to color the doors are painted skirting boards and architraves, framing the door of the box and all the room perimeter;
  • door cappings necessarily high; it is believed that they add to the chic interior;
  • doorways — wide and high; popular arch, but not narrow and low, and of considerable size.

American interior is not characterized by an abundance of interior doors. They cover only the private areas-bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms.

Recommended for wooden doors in Dubai

“American” the door will surely enjoy:

  • followers of nepotism and tradition;
  • lovers mix of countries, times and styles to make spontaneous purchases under the influence of momentary impulse, focusing only on your taste; the
  • owners of spacious housing with solid chunky furniture.
  • active sociable people with democratic views;
  • fans of the convenience and relaxed atmosphere, without reference to a specific style;
  • experimenters to see the harmony in the combination is incompatible;

Doors in American style — opening and a great gift for consumers. Large-scale structures, is almost entirely filled with glass, create a feeling of abundance and luxury, fills the surrounding space with light and the feeling of freedom. While still relatively rare, they now are considered among the best.

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