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Tall doors in the interior in Dubai

Tall doors in the interior in Dubai img

The relevance of the high interior doors

Doors 2100-2300 mm popular for decorating rooms with high ceilings, which correspond to large, soaring doorways. This combination is not uncommon for modern buildings.Another application is the design of the original interiors. Speaking of individual rooms in private houses and apartments, it will be:

  • Living rooms, where architectural design often involves increased door openings.
  • walk-in Closets. Appropriate here construction a multi-leaf sliding mirrored panels.
  • Borders between areas: dining room and kitchen, a hall and terrace etc.

Performance doors in Dubai

Non-standard Door height is presented in different forms. In particular:

  • Single fabrics with concise design. Perfectly smooth vertical harmoniously into the urban interior, visually raises the ceiling and expands the space;
  • Fabric with different number of wings.For example, razdvigaetsya door is a convenient way of zoning and management planning. You can isolate the sleeping area from the living room or to allocate a full dressing.
  • Items with transom is simple: the fixed upper frame is mounted above the blade height 2000 mm alone or is it together;
  • the type of raw materials — wood, glass, combinations of several materials. Very large canvases enclosed in aluminum frames, giving increased strength without an appreciable increase in mass.
  • opening method and configuration — hinged, sliding, folding doors; fitted with hooks or rollers. Samples of ease are suspension system the coupe. Built-in models will make large-scale design of compact. Examples of non-standard solutions such as radial and arched canvases.

Thus, in a variety of models there is no shortage.

Pros and cons of the high wooden doors

Among the advantages of size structures in the first place — external originality, elegance, and solemnity. A room with large doorway looks spacious and welcoming. Custom folds will help to abandon stereotypes and to create an individual interior.

Significant disadvantages are the high price — much higher relative to the cost of routine samples and the considerable weight of the fabric, giving rise to difficulties in installation and operation. To avoid them can help a quality closer and use not less than 3 hinges for installation.

Tall doors is a great way to emphasize trendy interior of a private residence or a country house, filling the space with light, air, volume.

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