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Interior doors made of pine in Dubai

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Interior doors in Dubai


  • strength and durability;
  • reliability;
  • low sound conductivity;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • aesthetic appeal.

Many remember the wooden doors in the apartments of the old Soviet buildings and the associated problems: the wood swelling from moisture or, conversely, the deformation due to the dry air, the sagging of the door leaf under the action of gravity, the appearance of mold and mildew. Modern technologies of production of solid doors allow you to forget about this negative experience. At the initial stage is selection of quality wood, then performed a lengthy and thorough drying of raw materials.

After the shape of the product is impregnated with special compounds and varnished. All this makes the finished door is lightweight, durable and resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, if the door is made of solid pine made with observance of all standards of production, it will efficiently serve tens of years.

Wooden doors in Dubai

the solid pine has a lower density than deciduous tree species. The loose structure of the array leads to a low sound conductivity of pine doors, which provides good sound insulation of the room. However, the door is made of solid pine will be protected from shock and mechanical damage, and periodically perform restoration work to maintain its appearance.

other features doors made of solid pine include, primarily, ease of processing, making them, if necessary, suitable for repair, and also provides a variety of design of these products on the market today. In addition, the texture of natural wood is eye-catching element of the decor of the room, and the faint smell of pine resin possesses deodorizing properties.

Doors from pine wood convenient and easy to use, they do not require special care: it is enough during cleaning to wipe their Polish.

Thus, doors of solid pine and all the benefits of genuine products, compared with doors made of artificial materials. They lose on the background of the doors from hardwood, but their shortcomings is kompensiruet more reasonable cost.

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