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Features and benefits PVC doors in Dubai

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Porous structure of the filler improves heat and noise insulation properties. This door is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from wood, because the coating simulates any kind of wood. A wide choice of colors and textures allows you to combine it with any design solutions in the interior.

How eco-friendly and healthy PVC in Dubai

Acronym stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is produced by combining chlorine, hydrogen and carbon, for greater rigidity and strength is added plasticizer. The basis of the chemical process — normal salt and the products of oil refining. So what the material is, in fact, natural and safe for health.

The material Properties improve with the help of different supplements. They can improve performance:

  • density
  • hardness
  • resistance to weathering and temperature changes.

Consumer quality interior doors PVC

  1. Not afraid of moisture, so ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basements. On the surface of PVC never mildew.
  2. Resistant to UV radiation. Doors do not fade even under the sun.
  3. PVC — stable material that does not emit harmful compounds.
  4. Easy to care for. The whole process is reduced to wiping with a damp cloth. If heavily soiled, wash with soap by any means.
  5. Durable, resistant to scratches and household chemicals.
  6. Easy to install.
  7. Have a small weight so loop eventually SAG.
  8. flame-retardant. The material does not support combustion.
  9. Affordable price.
  10. Aesthetic appearance.

Interior PVC door — it's a practical solution for the home: look expensive and stylish but have a very attractive cost compared to wooden counterparts. As for consumer characteristics — this is the best ratio of price and quality.

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