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Interior doors of solid alder in Dubai

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Deep shades make them similar to the products of luxury mahogany and homogeneous texture reminiscent of marble.

Strength and resistance to deformation to provide a long fiber wood alder.

The production technology of interior doors in Dubai

In the first stage, the trunks are cut into planks and sent to dry. The dried boards on special machines cut into bars, and then spliced on mikroship in long strips. Subsequently, they are cut into pieces of required length. Bars glued together in a solid wooden shield and then grind out the details of the doors. On the cut of any parts it is possible to distinguish between thin wooden bar — a lamella that is glued to the surface. It performs two functions: gives a finished look and increases the overall solidity of the parts and the whole structure. The finished part is sanded, painted, varnished, and then collect them from the door.

Thereby achieving high quality wooden doors

In the manufacture of interior doors alder all raw materials are carefully tested for the presence of defects. Some of them can be eliminated in the production process. Something immediately discarded. The wood is processed with special methods, thereby increasing its strength.

An Important feature of — the Assembly of the individual parts of the design of the clamping screws. It gives special advantages:

  • the ability to adjust the door if necessary
  • parts are not glued together, so during operation with natural breath of wood no paint, no structural elements are not damaged.
  • easy replacement of parts, such as glass.

A few tips on caring for interior doors

Natural wood will retain its attractive appearance, if followed in a timely manner to properly care for. Here are a few simple rules.

  1. Before installing interior doors of solid alder, you need to leave for a few days in the room. Experts explain this by the fact that the wood at this time is adapted to the climate.
  2. The door Surface is very sensitive to scratches and other mechanical influences. So no need to RUB it scouring powder. If through negligence the door is still scratched, you need to RUB the polishing compound with wax to seal the cracks.
  3. To prevent recommended from time to time to handle natural wooden door disinfectant against insect-borers.
  4. Wipe the door leaf is best with a dry cloth. Otherwise, be sure to wipe dry.

Door made of solid alder is quite heavy. You should carefully choose fasteners that they do not slack.

In addition, pay attention to the quality of the furniture. It's not just appearance, and flawless functionality of the door, in the city.

The Interior door made from solid alder — is one of the best solutions. With the average price it has all the features of expensive luxury models.

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