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White door: what to choose in Dubai?

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What gives the flat white doors in the interior?

Now the interior doors are not the same as before. Changed the materials, shape, design. Today the white door a little reminiscent of the Soviet past, they have become a stylish design accent. Their main advantage is that they will harmoniously fit into any decor ‒ classic luxurious or simple, modern. They did not weight the interior, but on the contrary create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

So here are the main advantages that are noted by the designers:

  • the white door is ideal for small apartments, how to visually expand the space;
  • under them do not need to specifically pick up the furniture because they look visually neutral and will suit any headsets;
  • they are often cheaper than the models with wooden design.

As usual, not without its downside. It is only one. They are too easily soiled. But this single negative can wipe out all their benefits for large families, pet lovers and parents of young children. On the white doors will be visible to even the smallest contamination, and therefore to wash them more often.

The main types of white interior doors in Dubai

Experts distinguish four basic kinds of interior wooden doors

  1. Standard. Conventional laminated doors, covered with a white decorative layer. Contrast of doors with the design of “wood” only in color;
  2. Glossy. Have a glossy mirror surface. Ideal for interiors in the style of hi-tech. And, by the way, they are easier to care for (if to speak about the white doors);
  3. With the effect of antiquity (patinated). Used in classical interiors. Specially aged and look like they have a lot of years;
  4. With the decor. Can be drawings, patterns, panels of mirrors, and glass. The scope for creativity is not limited by almost nothing except the imagination of the customer and the designer. And modern technologies allow to realize even the most courageous decisions.
  5. by the Way, you can still choose white doors with color accents. For example, black door handles. According to the designers, the interior is high-tech this solution will look harmonious and fresh. As well as in the now popular Scandinavian design.

White interior doors rightfully regained its rightful place in interior design and now became one of the most popular solutions, which chooses more and more families.

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