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Doors made of solid pine with a brush in Dubai

Doors made of solid pine with a brush in Dubai img

The features of the technology of manufacturing doors made of solid pine in Dubai

These doors are made of best quality wood that is carefully checked for defects, knots, dark spots, cracks, resin pockets. Second-grade boards are used for the production of cheaper products.

The raw material is dried and brought to performance. Humidity efficiently dried wood — from 6 to 10%.

The door leaf is assembled from individual parts. They are glued by special technology at high pressure. This method ensures the solidity of the structure.

The strength of the door leaf increases due to the special processing of permanent joints of parts. In addition, when assembling take into account the direction of the wood fibers.

Doors pine made deaf or with glass inserts of various shapes, sizes and types of glass.

Brashirovanie interior doors

With the English language, the term translated as structuring. This is a special wood treatment, which removed from the surface soft fibers and remains pronounced relief pattern of annual rings.

This technology uses a set of special brushes. First, using wire brush wood choose a soft fiber. Then an abrasive brush grind the material and then polished with a synthetic brush. Offers brushed doors made of pine painted in a special way to the wood structure became even more pronounced.

Advantages passirovanny doors made of solid pine.

  • Natural wood — is a good old classic that will always be in demand.
  • Original treatment will add elegance and unusual interior
  • Doors made of natural solid wood on all indicators surpass hollow artificial ones.
  • Have good sound insulation.
  • Not poisoning the environment with chemical discharge.
  • Durability and long service life — that's what distinguishes wooden doors from the array.

What to look for when selecting interior doors made of pine:

  1. first you need to decide on a budget. Based on the amount to choose the model.
  2. to be Clear, what will be the style and design of the interior. Ideally, to have a sample of flooring.
  3. at least as a first approximation to know the dimensions of doorways and thick walls.

These simple rules will help you avoid errors when buying. The door is set not for one year!

We also recommend to get acquainted with the range and prices of interior doors in Dubai on our website - Spitamengt:

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