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What it consists of PVC doors in Dubai

What it consists of PVC doors in Dubai img

What it consists of PVC doors in Dubai

Special technology of manufacturing PVC doors lead to the creation of strong and durable structures. The frame is made of wood and is coated on both sides of the MDF panels. The hot-pressing technology allows to obtain high strength and long lasting result with good sound insulation qualities. Further the frame mounted lining PVC by hot pressing. Please note – quality doors PVC edges neatly trimmed and the edges are securely glued. The materials are absolutely safe for health that is confirmed by the results of various tests and research.

There are a few drawbacks to PVC doors

Over the years, the surface of the door does not lose color saturation and fully UV resistant.

  • The most significant condition for home interior doors – ecology. The PVC film complies with all quality standards, does not contain or emit toxic substances, even if it is heated.
  • In the production phase door are subject to special treatment and subjected to hot extrusion technology, therefore, cannot contribute to the growth of bacteria. PVC material not susceptible to mildew or mold.
  • PVC coated Doors are resistant to extremes of temperature and moisture. And absolutely no deformed, no matter what external factors they weren't exposed to.
  • Rugged design PVC door well withstand shock and have good sound insulation.
  • PVC Surface can not be scratched or cracked. It is absolutely resistant to mechanical damage. It is easy to clean and can be washed with any detergent. She doesn't much care. Even such chemicals as gasoline, acids, or spirits can't harm the surface of PVC*.
  • It is Important to know about the characteristics of fireproof doors PVC. They are not flammable and will not support combustion*.

*Does not Apply to all models.

There are a few flaws in the interior PVC doors

  • If the model is poorly done, perhaps the detachment of the edges or a slight swelling of the surface.
  • Because Of the strong mechanical impact on the door, the film can not sustain and will leave marks.
  • PVC Surface texture its looks like plastic and looks a little unnatural.
  • Quality made doors, PVC will not lose its original appearance for several decades. Therefore, investments will be justified. A large assortment of products includes many textures and colors, which are annually replenished with new options.

A variety of doors PVC in Dubai

Door design can be made in plain or neutral colours to be bright and expressive. Broad popular doors, imitating the wood structure. Such a surface is different from the doors made of solid wood, but looks quite attractive and simple. PVC doors can be decorated with glass inserts. Thus, the range of products is so diverse that any design will find the optimal solution.

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