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Veneered doors for bathroom in Dubai

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Doors for bathroom in Dubai

Under the veneer of modern construction market is commonly understood as sheets of high quality wood with a thickness of 0.1-10 millimeters, are glued to the MDF panels. This material has excellent aesthetic characteristics and smooth texture, high environmental performance and good wear resistance and relative resistance to aggressive environments.

Choosing the door unit veneer for bathroom, you need to pay special attention to a few key points:

  • Surface veneer should be treated with a waterproof varnish on the basis of polymer compounds. Otherwise, the veneer coating will slowly deteriorate under the influence of steam and frequent changes of temperature;
  • As the basis, choose veneer MDF, moisture resistant plywood or OSB. So you protect the door from the damaging effects of moisture;
  • Latches, door handles or latches choose from stainless steel. Avoid complex locking mechanisms because of their unreliability and instability to high humidity.

Design and installation of wooden doors in the bathroom

One of the most practical to the classic option for bathroom — hinged veneered doors. For non-standard openings you can put a folding or sliding doors.

Faced with a choice of doors perform measurements of blades (the moving part of the door). With the removal of the parameters you can safely go for the purchase of the door leaf. Such a practical approach will allow maximum sealing of the bathroom. To do this you have to customize the tile of the bathroom flush with the door frame, and then hide everything under the clypeus.

One more important nuance. If the doorway was more or less your chosen door, it is not customized, you probably will only ruin the fabric itself. The best option here — to change the parameters of the opening. In order to avoid mistakes and flaws, entrust this work professional masters.

Don't forget that your new door should fit into the overall design solution of the apartment. Carefully select colours, glazing option and accessories under the style of the neighboring doors. Otherwise your bathroom will look a bit rough and disharmonious.

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