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Price interior doors in Dubai

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Interior doors in Dubai

Interior doors from the array of valuable breeds are the most expensive, since the production of these doors is the most expensive.

The wooden door of the common species (pine or birch) is available for the majority of consumers, but also well perform their functions and have a presentable appearance.

Door, which used a minimal amount of wood (veneered doors) have low cost but have good functional characteristics and similar in appearance to wooden doors.

The budget options are the doors film-coated, natural can not say, but such doors have beautiful designs and have many advantages.

Wooden interior door in Dubai

Also, the cost of interior doors is affected by the installed hardware. High quality and multifunctional door elements increase the cost of the door, but will last a longer period of time and will retain its original appearance.

Another important criterion in the formation of the cost of a door frame, as it affects the reliability of fastening products. High quality and reinforced box increases the cost, and light weight reduces.

Method and place of installation will also affect the cost of the door, as the same design can be installed in different ways, depending on the availability of tools, skills and knowledge. A non-standard size of the opening will require large expenditures of materials and time.

The final cost also can affect such factors as the remoteness of the place of delivery, the manufacturer and many others, so if you are first faced with the choice of interior doors, it is advisable to contact the experts who can give helpful advice and to advise on relevant options.

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