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Sliding doors in Dubai

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Sliding wooden door system in Dubai

To this type are:

  1. Door coupe come with one or two doors that move on special rails. Single structures require one Parking space, and the double design required to provide two Parking spaces as folds move apart in different directions.
  2. Panel doors also come with one or two sections, but unlike the doors-coupe-when you open the sash hiding in special holes in the wall.
  3. Curved doors have the correct rounded shape. The movement of the valves in this type of door takes place on a special guide that aligns with the radius of the valves.
  4. Cascading doors consist of one stationary and several moving paintings, which have their own guides and are able to get together with one side of the doorway.
  5. Vnutribrjushinnye doors have a sliding design and two doors. For the passage used one side of the opening, as sash such doors move towards each other.

Interior doors with sliding folding mechanism

Doors with rastvorno-folding mechanism consists of several wings and usually fold in half like a book. Most often, these door systems are designed for space zoning, as it does not provide reliable isolation from the smells and sounds.

Sash of this type of door is a small part of the opening, and they do not require empty space on the wall, so they are fairly compact.

To this type are:

  1. Folding Door is a collapsible design, consisting of one section, which when opened, is folded in half. Also there are asymmetric models that have one section less. This allows you to supply a door handle with a lock.
  2. Door-accordion consists of four or more sections that, when opened, formed, and resembles vertical blinds.

Sliding doors can be a great option for small apartments, and apartments with a large area for the zoning of space.

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