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Selection of interior doors in Dubai

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Selection of wooden interior doors

Dimensions. Measure the height and width of the door opening on their own, or call for that purpose by the master. Thanks to the precise measurements you will not need to customize the fabric after purchase. Consider the gap, which is required for installation of the door frame. So, canvas 600х2000 mm can be installed in a doorway 700х2080 mm.

Material. Modern interior doors made of natural wood and lumber. The quality of the material determines the cost and durability of the canvas. So, the doors of the array of valuable breeds expensive, durable, serve up to 50 years, and then can be restored. Laminated or veneered canvas MDF – more economical and affordable option interior doors.

Design. The work of a famous designer and additional decorative inserts increase the cost of interior doors. This fabric looks attractive and unusual.To save you can choose one of many standard models.

Components. With cloth you need to buy door frame, architraves and hardware. All of these items can be sold in kit or separately dokopatsya. So you will be able to choose a comfortable handle and lock mechanism.

How. Depending on the method of attachment, the door can be hinged or sliding. The first option – the most common and involves the installation of blade of 2 or more loops. Sliding doors move along the wall and help you to save some space. To install them you will need 2 rails and wheels.

There are more exclusive options: double and folding doors.

Price. The above selection criteria influence the cost of interior doors. Due to the wide range of prices you can choose the fabric and accessories according to your budget.

How to choose interior doors in Dubai

What to look further?

Along with the main criteria of choosing interior doors, pay attention to a few details:

  • Porch – a protrusion at the perimeter of the door leaf that closes the gap between the door and frame in the closed position. The door of the porch is the best soundproofing and insulation.
  • Seal-silicone or rubber strip around the perimeter of the canvas or the box. Thanks to her, the door will close quieter, which is important for a nursery or bedroom.
  • Left or right door – depends on your room layout and the location of the opening. Just to understand: in the open position, the left door is from you to the left, right-right.

Use these criteria and you will be able to choose a quality and convenient interior door that will decorate your interior. And the advice and experience of a professional consultant will help you quickly find and buy the right door.

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