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Doors made of natural solid wood in Dubai

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The price of doors on the market – the highest, but the high cost of structures is justified because of their excellent performance characteristics. Buying a door from natural wood, there is no doubt that the product will last perfectly for years and will be a great decoration of the interior of a house or apartment.

Specifics of production wooden doors

Material for the production of wooden door designs serves an array of different kinds of wood-hardwood and softwood. Often in door production uses valuable species, has unique natural texture – merbau, walnut, beech, ash. The doors of the array of valuable breeds – this is not only useful and functional design, but also a work of art, hand-made. Manual work is always valued higher than the factory stamping, so the cost on the doors of the array exceeds several times the price of hollow paintings, pasted with veneer.

Benefits of interior doors from the array in Dubai

The door leaf, natural wood has a number of advantages, which are worth mentioning in detail:

  1. 100% natural. Wood-natural eco-friendly material and the production of structures of not using chemical and synthetic solutions and formulations.
  2. Excellent performance of heat and sound insulation. The room “closed” the door of the array will not penetrate nor biting draughts nor annoying street noise.
  3. Resistance to the action of factors of external environment and mechanical wear. Doors made of natural wood have the ability to moisture, which is completely absent from analogues from synthetic materials.

On the aesthetic doors are also difficult to compare affordable doors from MDF, fiberboard or plastic. Wooden doors look in the interior is elegant and noble, fit perfectly in virtually any style. The only disadvantage of solid doors – the high price. But the cost of purchasing doors made of natural wood fully repaid by the advantages which were described above.

The unique properties of doors made of natural solid wood: price, comparison

As noted above, the production of door structures of the array are different wood species, and performance characteristics of the finished product will largely depend on the physical properties of natural materials.

The budget option, which you can find in stores are the doors solid pine. Pine has an interesting natural texture and designs are obtained from it are beautiful, aesthetic, but the pine wood-soft and actively absorbs moisture from the external environment, for this reason, the doors of this breed is not recommended in areas where there are constant temperature changes and fluctuations in the humidity level.

At an affordable price you can buy doors made of walnut or alder. These rocks are valued for the unique natural pattern, beauty, shade of natural wood. Design walnut or alder can decorate any interior, but alder is more moisture, but because of the design it can be installed in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Walnut resistant to humidity “proud” can not, therefore walnut doors are often chosen for installation in bedrooms and living rooms.

Popular material for production of doors is ash. Wood ash is not only the beauty of texture, but also elasticity, elasticity. These quality wood, which enables to manufacture doors to the most complex shape, which also will be able to withstand a serious operational load. Ash doors are more expensive than doors made of pine, but the door can be installed in any room of the house.

The most expensive options – doors made of beech and oak. These tree species differ in hardness, high density, interesting structure of the material. Beech and oak doors can serve for decades without losing useful functionality and visual appeal.

The doors made of solid wood, in spite of their high cost, are a practical solution for your home or apartment. A high price will pay off as long as possible useful to the operation of the design, environmental friendliness and its noble, elegant appearance.

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