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How to choose interior doors in Dubai?

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The optimal choice of the interior doors in Dubai

  1. Define the type of the room in which is installed the door and the approximate cost of a future purchase. Pay attention to the operating conditions of the door: the bathroom and the kitchen, you can expect high humidity, the toilet hardly fit the door with transparent inserts, in the nursery, you often need good soundproofing.
  2. Select the appropriate mechanism for opening the door. In most cases, buyers see only one option — classic hinged door with one or two doors. Indeed, such models prevail in the sale, but they are not always optimal. If the area is small, suggest to consider alternative options: sliding or folding doors. They will save you work space of the room and add originality to the design of the room. You should only keep in mind that the insulation is worse than swing doors, and their installation will require additional hardware (rails, rollers and other parts).
  3. Select the material which needs to be done to your door. Keep in mind that the cost of the door is directly proportional to the naturalness and ecological compatibility of its components. The most expensive is solid wood. Door leaf made of natural wood have excellent characteristics, but differ in the solidity and conservative design. Then there is MDF — modern high-quality alternative to wood in the middle price range. The budget option — particle Board, but it is not suitable for prolonged use in high humidity areas.
  4. Define any type of design. If you are not as important as to be arranged inside the door, you can skip this step. Two main options that you can consider is — a Board room door in the form of whole cloth, and the paneled door is assembled from individual parts and having different inserts.
  5. Pick up door cover:
  • veneer — expensive natural hardwood flooring;
  • ekoshpon —a less expensive synthetic material that simulates the normal veneer and has higher strength and water resistance;
  • lacquer finish is well suited to natural wood, highlighting its pattern;
  • laminated cover — a thin film, repeating wood pattern;
  • plastic film — allows you to make doors virtually any color and is the most budget choice.

After you have decided on the basic parameters, you can start the particular choice of the model. Rely on your taste and of course try to enter the next door in the general aesthetics of the room. Good luck!

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