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Typical door designs in Dubai

Typical door designs in Dubai img

Design interior doors in Dubai

The design of interior doors consists of three elements:

  • frame made rosenovo timber of coniferous trees;
  • inner filling: honeycomb (hollow), framed (MDF or pressboard), pattern (solid wood);
  • lining: laminated (foil coated wooden figure), veneer (a thin layer of natural wood), glass or mixed, combining several different materials.

Rarely metal or glass doors. Most often, the metal, e.g., aluminum, is combined with glass in certain proportions. All glass doors are made of tempered laminated glass, high-strength, coated with a special film that protects from fragments in violation of the integrity of such doors.

Classification of doors depend on the sign which is its basis. Consider the types of interior doors depending on the functional characteristics of design and use.

Classification by type of construction wooden door

The interior doors are of two main types:

  • panel;
  • framed.

Flush doors are a solid frame with honeycomb or solid filler, and lining, as a rule, more massive and homogeneous. Framed paintings between parts of the frame have insets (panels or glass). Due to its multipart construction, they differ in a variety of design. Panelled doors are always solid, and can be framed as deaf, and with decorative elements inserted.

Classification by type of opening mechanism door

Open doors also have different options:

  • double (single) design is the most common and consists of one or two door leaves (double door);
  • sliding door — the compartment is displaced parallel to the plane of the wall, moving the roller mechanism on the guide;
  • folding doors type “books” (if composed of two bonded panels) or “bunching” (if more than two panels);
  • rotary or oscillating mechanism that allows the door to open in either direction.

The last three types of doors are more economical consumption of the working space and is ideal for smaller rooms.

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