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Door country style Dubai

Order doors in country style

Design features

"Rustic" doors distinctive specifics:

  • The design uses only wood-cherry, bog oak, pine, Karelian birch, exotic species. Painting without details and ornaments, but the most beaten texture of the wood, kept all the knots and cracks.
  • The product is full of ethnic motifs that emphasize belonging to a particular culture. The basis of the style is a unique flavor of a particular country.
  • The surfaces are artificially aged, with the effect of scuffing, which gives the impression of an old, long-lived thing. And completely out of place any gloss and Shine.
  • The door in country style can be decorated regardless of the real place of residence. For example, Russians fell in love with the softness and sophistication of French.
  • Forged finishing elements-horseshoes, rings, bells, large iron nails. Especially advantageous to look wrought iron handles and hinges from the raw metal. They give the design a seeming massiveness and redundancy, but in fact all the details work on the main finish, emphasizing its texture and tone.
  • Colors-muted, maximally natural, preferably warm tones. Ideal swamp, brown, sand, shade of green moss. Interestingly look doors, painted white or light blue.

Door, country to contemporary performance

"Modern country" offers to move away from the traditional wooden structures, replacing them with steel. Manufacturers offer excellent solutions of metal with a variety of finishes. However, everything happens within the framework of the style-covering such doors skillfully imitates the natural color of the tree. Impressive and doors, which are used in the creation of powder spraying technology. Doors in country style-an element of cozy and original design, a great way to create an atmosphere of reliability and warmth in the home.

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