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Door in the rococo style Dubai

To order a door in rococo style

Features of doors of the Rococo

When you look at the door in the Rococo style catches the eye of an elegant framing, usually moulded or carved. Similar elements can be seen on the doors in the Roman style, but in Rococo they are more patterned, with a large number of curls and fractional ornament. The color is mostly white, in harmony with the pastel tones of the surrounding interior, and the patterns are covered with gold. The top of elegance are doors that coincide in color with the walls; thus, the room is designed in a single color scheme. Although in this case the doors are not allocated on the General background. In design is often found the element of the side column. With sufficient height of ceiling is complemented by the protruding upper part of the door are flush inside. The original column and their upper part is decorated with an exquisite delicate ornament. The style allows for glass inserts; more often they are made of frosted glass and have a pleasant pastel shade to match the main setting. On the glass there are patterns or ornaments, gilt or warm calm colors. It is important that the Rococo door, in particular stucco, be combined with the style of the Windows. Ideally, doors and Windows are decorated with similar patterns or ornaments. The color gamut of the selected light, delicate pastels: pink, blue, lilac. For expensive interior doors characterized by elegance, load of decorative elements based on mythology stories. As for the budget models, they are at cost, but not in appearance. Rococo belongs to the interior classics, which is characterized by the absence of frankly cheap things. Therefore, these doors always look decent.


As in other classical directions, an array of valuable wood is used in the manufacture of Rococo doors. Wood carving is present slightly; in modern production it was replaced by bronze lining, which is convenient to decorate polished and polished fabric.

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