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Door in the gothic style Dubai

Order doors in gothic style

  • high arched Windows;
  • the multi-colored stained glass;
  • beam columns;
  • various portals and arches;
  • elongated arch;
  • lace designs;
  • fireplaces framed with wood-coffered ceilings with wooden beams and a plurality of cells or hollows.

The walls lose their monumental character, become lighter, they are finished with wood or painted with bright colors, draped carpets. Furniture also becomes less massive, and tending to the walls, acquires a lightness and airiness, the variability of the location in the interior. In the ornaments of the arch is dominated by geometric and plant motifs, often grape or maple leaves. Colors-ochre, purple, red, black, gold, metal and all their shades. "Bright" Gothic tends to be red, blue or purple tones with silver inclusions; "soft" option is beige, ash, cream shades. The final touches of the design are tapestries, panels and velvet.

Gothic doors

Previously, the door leaf was made of a single piece of wood, a maximum of 2-3 parts. Such doors were bulky and uncomfortable in everyday life. With the spread of the Gothic style changed the door design and refined design made carved patterns, the upward shape. They returned from oblivion ancient methods of working with wood, lost during the great migration of peoples. Design Gothic door includes a frame in which the inserted panels, carved items, planks of valuable wood (oak, walnut). Externally, the products look quite simple, with a pronounced verticality of elements, and are covered with elegant carvings, paintings or inlaid ornaments.

Gothic door in the XXI century

In times of his the emergence of Gothic style was innovative, progressive, for modern people — this antique classics. Doors in the Gothic style made of solid wood, with artificially aged wood or glazed, appropriate in a wooden interior, such as a home library or office. They will become a true decoration of the house, will long to please by elegance and noble style.

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