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How is the installation of interior doors Dubai

Installation of wooden doors is inexpensive

The details of the case

As a rule, the process with which you had to face, not quite difficult. It is enough to approach it carefully and with the utmost attention. And it is better not to do it at all, if you in my life did not hold the hammer in his hands.

Of course, installing interior doors without errors, only the person who is well acquainted with all the intricacies of the case. Otherwise, from time to time you will have to turn to specialized councils.

Where to start

Selection of interior doors is already done, it remains only to verify the presence of the boxes, the door leaf, and in the presence of frames. Remember that any door work should be carried out only, armed with an electric tool. Before installation process it is expedient to check completeness of a complete set.

Pay attention to the availability of consumables door materials, including mounting foam, struts, wedges, bars, and so on. And do not forget about screws, otherwise the door leaf will not hold.

As a construction tool it is better to buy a screwdriver, hacksaw, and the construction level, which will not allow the preponderance of the door. In total it is possible to allocate four stages on installation of an interroom door:

  • door frame Assembly;
  • box installation;
  • installation of door leaf;
  • dobornye elements.

All parts should be connected to each other with screws. Install a door frame by means of wooden wedges. For the uniformity of the location of the door leaf useful level of construction, the presence of which you have taken care in advance. And the last: to check the quality of operation of the door, should wait for its shrinkage.

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