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Door in Scandinavian style Dubai

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The motto of Scandinavian design — natural in everything, so in the interior there are wood, cotton, stone, ceramic, glass.

The color palette is dominated by bright colors. At the heart of all — white, but there are beige, gray, green, light blue. Colors should be vivid, on the contrary, most bleached close to white. The whole atmosphere is performed in a single tone; bright accents are present in a small amount, enlivening the interior and giving it individual characteristics.

Scandinavian design interior doors

Nordic door is a large — scale, high, often double-leaf designs. By way of opening valid classic swing and sliding type. It allows to use them as the large and small-sized housing, creating a harmonious, light-filled and air space.

The colour is dominated by various shades of white. The options are:

  • bleached oak;
  • pearl milk ash;
  • white patina;
  • cappuccino melinga.

Classic Swedish Empire avoids pure white and white-blue colors because of their insufficient softness.

The material of manufacture is not essential as the decor and color. Traditional Scandinavian door is of course natural wood. In simpler options uses veneer and PVC.

Scandinavian doors

The decor is minimal, no frills, wavy or curved lines, patterned glass fancy shape. The maximum that you can afford — three-dimensional panel. The glazing preferably frosted glass, no patterns and inserts. The door leaf itself is smooth, evenly colored.

Door handles — to match the fabric, simple and elegant, without frills and intricacy. The color can be any, but the lead white and metallic shades. Pens made of metal are usually made "antique".

The presence of metal, chrome-plated surfaces, plastic doors, Scandinavian is not provided. But this does not mean total rejection of the jewelry. Possible small inclusions of gold, but so that it didn't look excessive or pretentious.

The advantage of Scandinavian doors is their absolute versatility. Simple design and concise design allow you to use them in the interiors of various styles, decorated in bright colors. Best suited to classical and minimalist setting.

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