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Wooden interior doors made of solid oak in Dubai

Doors from the massif of an oak are an integral element of classical interiors in Renaissance style, Baroque, Rococo. They create the overall impression of wealth and luxury.


Oak has several shades of wood: red-brown, wenge, light (bleached), yellow (Golden), light pink, gray. Gradually, natural colors darken, giving the texture a solid presentable look.

The main advantage of oak doors:

  • Hardness (on the Brinell scale 3.7, with time only increases);
  • Wear;
  • Noise insulation;
  • Ecological compatibility.

The correct oak processing technology ensures compliance with all these parameters, which means that the durability of the door structure.

Installation of oak doors:

  • high fiber density, which reduces hygroscopicity and thermal insulation of oak fabric;
  • the severity of interior doors.

Therefore, to install the fabric of solid oak is recommended in rooms with a uniform microclimate. Before installation it is necessary to pay attention to a thickness of walls of doorways which task to sustain a massive oak design and to keep its geometry.

Caring for oak doors

Such paintings do not require special care. It is enough to wipe them regularly with solutions specially designed for oak products. At the same time it is impossible to apply synthetic detergents which can disturb natural beauty of a natural texture.

In our online store you can order and buy interior doors made of solid oak. We with pleasure will execute your order, we will deliver and we will establish doors, we will help to pick up accessories under them. At the same time, our prices are affordable and the quality is second to none.

Our company Spitamen General Trading offers to buy interior doors Dubai from the manufacturer. We are a dealer of the largest Russian factories producing doors made of natural wood that import products of European quality and is based in Dubai.

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