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The interior doors of the array in Dubai

The interior doors of the array in Dubai

The interior doors of the array in Dubai

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One of the most valuable sorts of wood — remarkably durable, resistant to rot, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. Oak has a high density, so the products made from it are heavy, but durable. Doors of solid oak will last more than one generation.Oak have a pronounced texture on the main sections (transverse, radial and tangential), which distinguishes it from other species. Color — the darker the heartwood and light yellow sapwood.


Noble wood with a beautiful uniform texture, in which there are characteristic short strokes. Wood color from white to ivory, sometimes reddish. Beech is as solid as oak, but is very hygroscopic-absorbs moisture from the air. Because of this property, the wood is prone to decay. You should consider this feature and not put beech doors in damp premises.


A valuable breed of wood. Hardness is not inferior to the oak, tough and durable. This complicates treatment. Steamed ash bends well. This tree is susceptible to the wormhole and therefore requires treatment with antiseptics. Beautiful texture, color of wood — closer to brown.


the cheapest wood of all the above. It is soft and very flexible, easy to handle, it is easy to restore. She has a tight structure and close to each other rings. Color varies from brown to white with reddish stains.


This tree does not have a pronounced texture. Responds well to toning and imitation under valuable breeds of a tree — black and red. It is convenient in processing. Alder does not rot and is not afraid of moisture. Svejesobranna wood cream color, but rapidly tarnishes in air to a reddish-orange.

Features of production of solid doors in Dubai

The doors are made not from a solid piece of wood, but of the spliced array is re-stuck between the bars. This technology eliminates the deformation of the door during temperature fluctuations and humidity changes.

On top of solid wood covered with a lamella is a thin slice of wood while maintaining its natural texture. This coating gives the completeness and additional solidity to the product. For cheaper models of doors using wood veneer.

Doors are the most durable. But, if necessary, easily restaurerede.

How to decorate the doors of the array

To give the doors made of solid refined look of old wood, their putinyouth — applied to special compounds that produce the desired visual effect. To restore “antiquity” they use different formulations: stain, acrylic, wax, shellac, oil, etc. Each of them gives its own color.

To achieve the effect of a pronounced wood structure, wood Brachert — in a special way and remove soft fibers, and then tinting. So you can treat only certain types of wood with a pronounced difference in the structure of the annual rings — oak, ash, pine.

The installation of solid doors

It is Desirable that all necessary measurements were made by the specialist. Tree — is a natural breathable material which reacts on temperature and humidity level. Therefore, the technical gaps vymirayut taking into account this feature.

Package contents

Luxury interior doors offers a wide range of accessories. This cornices and architraves of various types, bases, sockets and pontoni. You can choose any combination that fit a particular interior.