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About wood

Wooden doors fit perfectly in any interior. Among the many suggestions, you can always find the one that will fully meet your needs. And many companies offer to produce wooden doors to the order.

But visual appeal, originality and elegance of the decor are not the most important things in interior doors. Although these qualities hit the eye first, the choice should not be started with them. Physical configuration, reliability, durability, and of course the cost of the doors are affected by the material, which they are made of. And when the question is about the doors of solid wood, the most important thing is species of wood, which became the raw material for them.

What wood the interior doors are made of?

Doors are made of the solid of both conifers and broadleaved species. Each of them has a unique set of characteristics, and has different shades and the individual grain drawing. Interior door manufacturers use all this skillfully.

Pine. One of the most widespread species, used for the interior door manufacture. Affordable and rather low-priced. Pinewood can be described as soft. And it is resin-impregnated. On the one hand, it allows the pine to bear variations in temperature and humidity easier. On the other, under the influence of direct sunlight the resin begins to bloom to the door surface that is not good for its look.

Alder. A very popular type of wood. Wooden doors of alder in Dubai you can buy everywhere. This is an economy version of the solid product. Alder is great for decorative treatment; its white wood looks fresh and elegant. Also, it is often used to imitate other, more expensive types of wood. But it has also some disadvantages. Alder is not resistant to decay, and the doors of it are not desirable to be installed in high humidity rooms.

Ash. Durable and elegant tree. At the same time, the wood is flexible and pliable enough, that makes it ideal for processing. Due to the high viscosity, the ash doors are not susceptible to cracking. In the durability, they can compete with the elite oak, but at the same time are considerably cheaper. Ash wood doors to the order are notable for a great variety of shades ranging from pale pink to deep brown. Even with careless processing and incomplete drying the ash does not lose its qualities.

Beech. Valuable species of wood, which can be regarded as a more affordable alternative to the elite oak. Solid wood is resistant to mechanical damages. But at the same time the beech is capricious and needs very careful processing and perfect drying. And that is why the beech wood interior doors should be purchased only from trusted manufacturers like ‘VEKonti’ company. The wood color of this species is light pink with yellowness. But thanks to the skillful processing it is possible to make it more red. Beech doors are differed by impeccable surface homogeneity. This interior element does not tolerate moisture, so beech doors are not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Oak. A magnificent tree, incredibly reliable, solid and durable. Wooden doors to order, made of oak, do not lose their attractiveness for decades. They are not afraid of temperature variations and humidity. They look luxurious in the interior, standing out favorably due to the unique structure of the wood grain. The rich palette of shades, among which there are both pale yellow and dark red, extends the borders of oak door usage in the interior.

Redwood. Contrary to common belief, it is not one tree type, but the entire group of trees with similar properties. Redwood name also includes some species of Australian eucalyptus and meranti Filipino, and California redwood. But more often under this name American mahogany is hidden. High resistance to humidity and temperature changes, combined with the beautiful wood color, makes such doors a good solution in the interior design.

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