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Interior doors from the manufacturer in Dubai

Online store Spitamen offers to buy interior doors at a bargain price. Here you will find stylish and practical projects that will be an aesthetic addition to the interior of the house. The directory listed certified products with a guarantee of quality.


The main types of interior doors

On our website there are interior doors, which can be divided into several types according to the material of production:

  • Made of natural wood;
  • Glass with or without decorative treatment;
  • With laminated surface that realistically imitates the texture of natural wood different;
  • Nests;
  • Regular or patterned PVC coating;
  • Finishing with natural veneer of valuable sorts of wood.

The cost of interior doors depends on the type of material, processing technology, richness of decoration and other factors. Among this grade it is possible to choose inexpensive interior doors from the producer of domestic or foreign plant on any internal decision. For classic customization, our online store offers a design with imitation wood in a wide range of natural shades. For modern design projects, we recommend you purchase a door trim made of PVC and glass fabric with sandblasted drawings, frosted or transparent surfaces.

Design features of interior doors

On our website models with various design features are presented. Depending on the type of opening, the interior doors are classified as follows:

  • Ploughed land. These traditional structures are composed of one or two canvases, which describe a semi-circle as they move. Because of this, for the convenient operation of the swinging products on the side in which the doors open, free space is required.
  • Sliding. In these models folds compactly to move on rails along the wall and not take up space in front of the hole or behind it.
  • Pendular. The walls of these structures plow in both directions, so the pendulum models require a lot of free space.

We also offer folding doors consisting of several panels 10 cm wide. When closed, they fold like an accordion and are compactly positioned inside the opening. These structures do not have high rates of heat and sound insulation, but are the best choice in cases where it is impossible to install more bulky models.

What you need to remember when choosing internal doors?

If you want to buy doors that will fit well into the situation in the house, and when installing them there will be no difficulties, it is necessary to take into account such nuances as style, colors and method of opening. It is also important to measure the door opening, so that when installing the door unit does not need to expand it or seal the formed cracks. The sizes can be removed independently, but it is better to call the house of our specialist.


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