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About Us

Spitamen General Traiding Company is a dealer of the biggest Russian factories, producing doors of the solid, which imports products of European quality and is based in Dubai. Our company has already gained its worshippers and esteemers on the Russian and European markets. The doors have an excellent design, as in European analogues and high quality, which is also provided by European standards. Products, made by us, deserve to be in every modern house, where style and technologies are appreciated. The assortment includes more than 2000 models of doors from the different types of solid wood such as oak, alder, pine and others. Also, our doors have a reasonable price, able to compete with many companies in the international arena.

Solid pine, alder, oak, which the leaf frame is made of, is underwent a special drying process and treating, thereby eliminating all the drawbacks of natural wood: snubs and unevennesses are removed, the tree becomes resistant to deformation, cracking, drying.

Products are made on high-precision equipment, which is used by companies of interior doors of Germany, Italy and Spain. Advanced technical equipment is the first step to the creation of a high-quality door unit and a way to minimize the risk of defect.

The variety of design and construction solutions. Spitamen offers a wide product range, made with the best leaves of the Russian and European manufacturers. Classic versions from different factories, laconic, modern goods and products in Art Nouveau from different suppliers ‒ our range includes only the latest and the most popular offerings.


One of the most widespread species, used for the interior door manufacture. Affordable and rather low-priced. Pinewood can be described as soft and it is resin-impregnated. On the one hand, it allows the pine to bear variations in temperature and humidity easier. On the other, under the influence of direct sunlight the resin begins to bloom to the door surface that is not good for its look


A very popular type of wood. Wooden doors of alder in Dubai you can buy everywhere. This is an economy version of the solid product. Alder is great for decorative treatment; its white wood looks fresh and elegant. Also, it is often used to imitate other, more expensive types of wood. But it has also some disadvantages. Alder is not resistant to decay, and the doors of it are not desirable to be installed in high humidity rooms.


A magnificent tree, incredibly reliable, solid and durable. Wooden doors to order, made of oak, do not lose their attractiveness for decades. They are not afraid of temperature variations and humidity. They look luxurious in the interior, standing out favorably due to the unique structure of the wood grain. The rich palette of shades, among which there are both pale yellow and dark red, extends the borders of oak door usage in the interior.


Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a composite material made from sawdust and plastic as polymer bonding, that used in a variety of structural and non-structural applications.

Where does these doors can be used

In interior application, WPC boards can be used at home (bathroom, kitchen) also in offices, food products and warehouse complexes, sports facilities and so on. Not for use in open areas , because the door can be damaged (under a straight sun rays)


WPC door frames have advantage over conventional wood door frame as it is 100% waterproof, termite-proof and very sturdy. Therefore, these doors will serve you for a long time.